Plant-based protein substitutes for a variety of meats

About the client

THIS™ is a London-based company making plant-based protein substitutes for a variety of meats, mostly from soy and pea protein. Since 2019, THIS™ has launched several market-leading products, including THIS™ Isn’t Pork Sausages, This Isn't Beef Plant-Based Burgers, THIS™ Isn’t Lamb Kebabs, and THIS™ Isn’t Chicken Shawarma.

THIS™ is uniquely placed to capitalise on growing consumer preferences for sustainable and healthy food alternatives, given its market-leading brand, superior tasting products and established relationships with the top 6 UK supermarkets.

THIS™ is at the forefront of the food revolution given its best-in-class R&D team and partnerships with UK research institutes, allowing it to offer nutritionally advanced and diversified products.

THIS helps the transition to alternative proteins, a crucial lever in the move towards a more sustainable economy. Animal production has been the main driver of landscape conversion for agriculture, representing 65%of historic ecosystem conversion (past 50 years globally).

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Planet First’s Support and Vision

Planet First Partners completed its investment of £20m in THIS™ Series C round through a combination of primary and secondary financing.

  • The increased adoption of plant-based protein diets is essential for preventing the conversion of biodiversity rich landscapes, and to release cultivated land for ecosystem restoration.
  • Planet First Partners fully supports THIS™’ high quality, hyper-realistic alternative meat products, which cater to evolving consumer preferences for nutritious, sustainable food.
  • Planet First Partners’ capital and expertise will help accelerate THIS’ journey to UK category leadership.
  • Jeremie Danicourt, Operating Partner, sits on the Board of THIS™, alongside Emma Falconer, Principal.

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