Electrolysis at its best

About the client

Sunfire is a global leader in the development and production of industrial electrolyzers based on alkaline and solid oxide (SOEC) technologies. With its electrolysis solutions, Sunfire is addressing a key challenge of today’s energy system: Providing renewable hydrogen and fuels from renewable electricity, water, and CO2 as climate-neutral substitutes for fossil energy. Sunfire’s innovative and proven electrolysis technologies enable the transformation of carbon-intensive industries that are currently dependent on fossil-based oil, gas, or coal.

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Planet First’s Support and Vision

Planet First Partners co-led Sunfire’s initial €109 million funding round.

  • The investment has enabled Sunfire to further strengthen its leading position in the rapidly growing market for green hydrogen technologies.
  • We work as “hand-with” partners and actively support our portfolio companies from the moment that we invest, by co-creating and implementing multi-year value creation strategies with management to achieve our shared ambitions.
  • We look to continuing to partner with visionaries such as Sunfire, who are developing solutions to provide a healthier life on a healthier planet for the next generations

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