About the client

Nanogence is a material innovation company providing smart catalysts for the construction and building industry.

The production of cement accounts for 8% of global carbon emissions. With no direct alternative material and the demand for concrete, and subsequently cement, expected to grow by 25% by 2050, urgent solutions are needed to lower its carbon footprint.

Nanogence’s proprietary technology offers a novel and easy to implement solution, meeting stricter emission regulations, as well as delivering significant operational cost savings for the construction and the building industry. The use of Nanogence's proprietary smart catalyst technology results in carbon emissions savings of up to 40% without changing the current manufacturing process.

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Planet First’s Support and Vision

Planet First Partners invested in Nanogence alongside CirCap and the EIC Fund.

  • Planet First Partners’ funding and support will help to boost Nanogence’s operations and manufacturing capabilities in multiple geographies, as demand for low-carbon solutions and smart catalyst technology increases across the construction and building industry globally.
  • The investment in Nanogence marked Planet First Partners’ first step in to the material innovation space.
  • Planet First’s backing demonstrated its belief that Nanogence is well placed to support the global decarbonisation of cement given its ability to meet the industry needs for financial and technological viability, material carbon reduction, ease of adoption and scalability.

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