Car subscription model to decarbonise mobility

About the client

FINN is an independent platform for car subscriptions from over 30 brands, offering 40% electric vehicles as of 2023. The company's mission is to generate a positive impact on people, organisations and the planet through frictionless mobility.

The transition to electric vehicles is one of the major societal shifts taking place globally and is crucial in the move towards a more sustainable economy. With road transport accounting for around 17% of global emissions, electric vehicles are vital to decarbonize society.

FINN's car subscription model contributes to the adoption of electric mobility by offering customers the opportunity to use electric cars flexibly in their everyday lives – without risks such as technological obsolescence or the development of residual values associated with ownership.

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Planet First’s Support and Vision

Planet First Partners became the lead investor in FINN as part of its Series C funding round

  • To achieve international climate targets, the shift to electric mobility has to be significantly accelerated over the next few years.
  • Planet First Partners fully supports FINN’s easy-to-use subscription model; an innovative solution to accelerate both B2C and B2B adoption of electric vehicles and help them reduce their carbon footprint.
  • FINN will use PFP's capital and expertise to accelerate growth in the electric car sector, and reach >80% share of low-emission vehicles in its fleet by 2028.
  • Nathan Medlock, Partner at Planet First, sits on the Board of FINN.

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