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About the client

Eka has a unique positioning as Seed investor in the UK, investing at the intersection of consumer tech and impact.

Their leadership team has a successful track record of early stage investing and long-term partnership and the founding team is supported by an experienced investor base and specialist service providers. Eka has been successful at deploying capital into high potential consumer tech companies as well as at helping portfolio companies scale and raise following rounds.

Portfolio companies include; ‘Hived’, an E-commerce parcel delivery service, leveraging software, data science and model innovation to build a zero-emission, low cost, high-quality service, and ‘Sourceful’, a supply chain platform enabling consumer brands to access and manage sustainable and ethically sourced packaging, at scale.

The fund invests between £0.7m and £2m in rounds of up to £5m and looks to lead a company’s first institutional round of investment. This leaves the opportunity for PFP to come in at the Series B round when companies enter their growth phase.

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Planet First’s Support and Vision

As a partner and investor in Eka, Planet First Partners’ support has facilitated:

  • A steady growth trajectory for Eka with a range of new investments added to the portfolio since it was initially warehoused on behalf of the Platform
  • Regular exchanges between Planet first and Eka, on investment trends and deep dive discussions, pipeline sharing, and further development of impact strategy with PFP’s head of impact
  • Ongoing guidance and insight from PFP’s team on the implementation of SFDR regulations and monitoring of the broader evolving UK sustainable finance regulatory environment

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