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Sunfire is a global leader in the development and production of industrial electrolyzers based on alkaline and solid oxide (SOEC) technologies. With its electrolysis solutions, Sunfire is addressing a key challenge of today’s energy system: Providing renewable hydrogen and fuels from renewable electricity, water, and CO2 as climate-neutral substitutes for fossil energy. Sunfire’s innovative and proven electrolysis technologies enable the transformation of carbon-intensive industries that are currently dependent on fossil-based oil, gas, or coal.

“Green hydrogen has tremendous potential to abate at least ten percent of global carbon emissions. Sunfire’s breakthrough electrolysis technologies, the scale-up of manufacturing capacities and the overall dynamism its management team is bringing to the market will benefit the ramp-up and use of green hydrogen across industrial and transport applications.” Frédéric de Mévius, Managing Partner of Planet First Partners

“We are excited about Sunfire’s contribution to the European goals of energy sovereignty, reducing dependence on natural gas and other fossil-fuels and creating green jobs. Sunfire’s material and measurable sustainability credentials, its robust and differentiated technology, and its European heritage, mean it lies at the core of our mandate at Planet First Partners.” Andreea Constantinescu, Partner at Planet First Partners.

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